Wednesday, October 24, 2012


NOVEMBER 8TH!!! Mark your calendars, because H&M will be opening its first flagship store in South Florida, in non other than Lincoln Road on November 8th. Doors open at noon. The first 500 shoppers in line will receive access to a Fashion Pass valued from $10 to $500, along with giveaways and opening offers for everyone to enjoy! You know what this means right? The Lincoln Road location will be opening just in time for their Maison Martin Margiela launch on November 15th!! We hope to see you all out there!!

If that wasn't exciting enough, word on the street is that Forever21 will be opening its 3-story flagship mega store on Black Friday!!

Naty & Andrea

Thursday, October 18, 2012


Incase you didn't know, I am a shoeaholic. haha Is that even a word? Anyways, Andrea and I were reached out to preview the line of this new Italian shoe store that just opened  in Merrick Park, Coral Gables. I really didn't know what to expect, other than well hand crafted leather goods. Until I walked into this amazing little store, located on the first floor of Merrick Park.
I had to grab some pics of my faves :) These are perfect Fall shoes, easy to pair with a dress, jeans, and well, of course....shorts!
The design of the store is amazing! Extremely modern and welcoming. 
The shoes are displayed on shelves which go around the store, Women's on the left and Men's on the right. Merchandised with the shoes are handbags which you could match with the right shoe. I really didn't know what to try on because there were so many options. Anything from sandals, flats, booties, tall boots, flat boots, oxfords, you name it! 



A couple of weeks ago, I was introduced to a new and upcoming vintage brand owned by a young professional. My good friend just recently started working for this vintage brand, and I know that anything she introduces me to is creative and fun. Once I spoke to the owner, I was able to visit the warehouses which are located here in South Florida last week. I got a tour of the warehouses, and  was able to talk to know the owner, Ryan, of this REMIXD brand.

Ryan's dad has been in the vintage clothing business for over 20 years, Urban Outfitters being their biggest account right now. They mostly specialize in vintage tees (so many cool tees!), but vintage Levi's are definitely popular demand.
So, Ryan decided to get a little creative with these cut off shorts. He bought some from his dad's huge load, and experimented with dyes, studs, spikes, and buttons.
Last Saturday, I was able to visit REMIXD as they set up shop at the infamous Wynwood Artwalk. Apart from REMIXD, Ryab's vintage tee brand is called 'Vintage U Wear', seen below.
The warehouse. Yep! Jeans galore!! Here women work all day, cutting vintage Levi's jeans into super cute and trendy cutoff shorts.
This is Ryan's collection of vintage tees, which he sells on eBay right now. I could be in here for days going through the coolest, and oldest tees I've seen. You name it, he has it.
Another shot of the warehouse, its huge!! There's bundles and bundles of jeans and tees everywhere you look. 

I can't wait to get my hands on a pair of these shorts, so many color combinations I wouldn't know which to pick. Follow the brand on instagram, twitter and Facebook. C'mon now, 21st century here! :) @RemixdApparel & @VintageUWear


Monday, October 15, 2012


Photographer Alexander Neumann shoots Ieva Laguna in the latest issue of L'Officiel Paris for an editorial dedicated to fall fashion and features pieces from designers like Miu Miu, Celine, YSL, Chloe, Kenzo, Proenza Schouler, Stella McCartney, Isabel Marant and more. The styling is right on point and features all fall/winter essentials. Some trends highlighted: tapered trouser pant, prints, tweed, plaid, oversized jackets, pointy toe pumps and satchel handbags.




We've all seen the infamous Givenchy graphic tees but now Balenciaga is taking over and taking things  to outerspace with their futuristic meets rock & roll inspired sweatshirts and tees. They're absolutely everywhere on both women and men and I'm currently obsessed!! Seems like I need to go on a search for a knock off galactic top :b



Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Oops!!! Sorry about that guys, there was something going on with blogspot & my internet not working...we're back on track!!

I know, you're probably wondering why me and another 26 Miami Fashion Bloggers are rocking these super cute tees. We joined forces, thanks to The Fashion Poet and Alta Images, to help raise funds for breast cancer in a fashion campaign that shows off each of our unique styles. The tees come in sizes small to extra large and will be sold in boutiques throughout Miami, which include: My Best Friend's Closet in Coral Gables, Lilac and Lilies in Ft Lauderdale, Guy and Girl in South Beach, and on Saturday October 13th during the infamous Wynwood Artwalk, at the Grand Opening launch of Wynwood Squat. The photos of all 26 bloggers will be displayed from 7pm to 11pm. Wynwood Squat is a free pop up which features 40 plus designers, and entrepreneurs with monthly rotating art, video, etc. There will be a dj, live music, food and of course drinks. I hope to see alot of familiar faces out there. We will all be there. 

We hope to see alot of familiar faces out there, see you Saturday!! 


Monday, October 1, 2012


If you haven't been able to follow me on Instagram (natyy_p), then you probably wouldn't know how I have a secret obsession with Comme de Garcon's PLAY line. You see....what had happened was.....okay, I won't go there. Seriously though, it all started when I went to China and Japan about two years ago. As I aimlessly walked up and down the many hallways of the infamous "markets" I kept seeing the Comme de Garcon PLAY heart on all these damn tshirts, and it caught on to me. Eventually, by the end of the trip I had figured out what the brand was all about, and fell in love.

Lebron's store, UNKNWN, at Aventura Mall carries some of its pieces and it's Converse collaborations, apart from the that the only store in North America is in Soho. Yes, I've visited both. Which now leaves me with, a pair of converse, a tshirt, and a perfume from the brand which sit happily in my closet. As this is only a sneak peak of Comme De Garcon's 'PLAY' line, Rei Kawakubo, designer of the brand, has a ready to wear line.

You can find the rest of the collection for Men & Women at SSENSE

Obsessed much? We want more!


What else can we say other than...TOPSHOP IS IN MIAMIIIII!!!!! Oh lord Jesus, someone please hold my credit card while I go crazy. As Andrea is now working at Topshop Miami, I gladly tagged along to the Grand Opening Party on September 15th. This is real simple....DJ Jessica Who, models, champagne, tasty bites, and shopping!

shirt printing before going upstairs

our favorite local dj, DJ JESSICA WHO  

stud crazy

SC Girls