Thursday, October 18, 2012


A couple of weeks ago, I was introduced to a new and upcoming vintage brand owned by a young professional. My good friend just recently started working for this vintage brand, and I know that anything she introduces me to is creative and fun. Once I spoke to the owner, I was able to visit the warehouses which are located here in South Florida last week. I got a tour of the warehouses, and  was able to talk to know the owner, Ryan, of this REMIXD brand.

Ryan's dad has been in the vintage clothing business for over 20 years, Urban Outfitters being their biggest account right now. They mostly specialize in vintage tees (so many cool tees!), but vintage Levi's are definitely popular demand.
So, Ryan decided to get a little creative with these cut off shorts. He bought some from his dad's huge load, and experimented with dyes, studs, spikes, and buttons.
Last Saturday, I was able to visit REMIXD as they set up shop at the infamous Wynwood Artwalk. Apart from REMIXD, Ryab's vintage tee brand is called 'Vintage U Wear', seen below.
The warehouse. Yep! Jeans galore!! Here women work all day, cutting vintage Levi's jeans into super cute and trendy cutoff shorts.
This is Ryan's collection of vintage tees, which he sells on eBay right now. I could be in here for days going through the coolest, and oldest tees I've seen. You name it, he has it.
Another shot of the warehouse, its huge!! There's bundles and bundles of jeans and tees everywhere you look. 

I can't wait to get my hands on a pair of these shorts, so many color combinations I wouldn't know which to pick. Follow the brand on instagram, twitter and Facebook. C'mon now, 21st century here! :) @RemixdApparel & @VintageUWear


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