Sunday, July 18, 2010

DOWNLOAD NOW: The Black Keys

These Ohio natives teamed up back in 2001 to create the best two-man band of the last decade, in my opinion. They easily take the lead over The White Stripes any day when it comes to their guitar riffs and vocals. They've been around for a while but still remain one of the best kept secrets of the underground rock scene. With blues inspired melodies and a classic rock vibe, it's no wonder that Led Zeppelin's frontman, Robert Plant, is a devoted fan. The Black Keys' music has been showcased in the hottest shows on TV from Gossip Girl to Entourage and in a handful of big-name movies, such as Twilight: Eclipse. Personally, I'm addicted to their music. They truly are a talented pair of guys. Hurry and download their music; you won't be disappointed. XO andrea

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  1. i lovelovelove indie bands, i'm really glad you found them. great blog going on, keep up the great work!

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