Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Welcome to the Plastic Jungle

I'm assuming the first post is what makes or breaks your blog. I thought over and over about what I should write but I just decided on doing a quick introduction of myself and why I started this. I'm Andrea, an average 20-year-old hispanic student, with average brains and an average bodytype. I was born and raised in the beautiful city of Miami, FL (which believe it or not does get boring sometimes). I'm a Public Relations major and at school my writing teacher suggested that we should start a blog. She said it's a great way to gather ideas and practice writing, so I gave it some thought. I follow tons of blogs and have many things to share, so here I am! Here's a few things about my blog:

  • Why the name? Took it from the Miike Snow song and Miami is a party jungle filled with mostly plastic people -- perfect right? :b

  • What will I share? My three loves: fashion, music and art. As well as some "How To's", important going-on's in the world and personal narratives.

  • Why should you follow? I'm a normal girl from a normal family with a serious passion for style and creativity.

The picture above features Atlanta de Cadenet Taylor, an up and coming fashion icon. Here are more outtakes from her Exit Magazine shoot thanks to becauseimaddicted . Hope this first post wasn't too bad. Ciao XO andrea

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