Thursday, September 23, 2010

STYLE MUSE: Gillian Zinser

I'm not a huge fan of the TV series remake, 90210, but the other day while I was waiting for Gossip Girl to start I caught a few minutes of the end. That is when I was introduced to the fabulous Gillian Zinser, who plays Ivy Sullivan on the show. I was immediately intrigued by her style and looked her up and to my surprise her character has the same amazing style off screen. Gillian has a really cool, hippie vibe to her; untamed blonde hair and a laidback attitude. I'm really, but I mean really digging her style; she's one to look out for. - XO andrea


  1. So cute i love this look. Your such a great blogger !!!

  2. My friend came over and was watching this on her laptop while I worked and I absolutely adored her character's style. I found myself glancing over whenever she was on screen seriously.

    Love that first outfit with her. So cute.

  3. I had never seenthis girl in my life before this post! She is rather fabulous.