Tuesday, August 14, 2012


As Fall is just around the corner, okay okay I keep mentioning fall and I may sound crazy because here in Miami it surely still is Summer with the heat outside and beach and pool parties but Fall Fashion is everywhere and slowly rising. As other states start experiencing change in temperature, Fall Fashion is the craze. Us Miamians will not be sporting long heavy jackets, or thigh high boots anytime soon but there are ways that we can adapt that into our Miami wardrobe. With that being said, a huge fall trend which I'm sure most of you have started to notice in certain collections is the peplum. The what?!? Yes, the peplum top. Haven't seen it? I say you check out your nearest Zara, Forever21, and even Nordstrom. Wait, now I can say that soon you'll be able to check out your nearest H&M. haha

I personally think that a peplum top can flatter any body type, if you find one of the right material and shape. You can wear it during the day with a pair of cute shorts or out at night to a club, lounge, music venue on South Beach. It's wearable. Need help?Here's an idea...

You can find this gorgeous Leather peplum top at H&M and the shoes are both from Zara. Dannijo jewelry is always a statement to any outfit. As for the bottoms, any ripped cut off jean shorts will do and any printed trouser will do. I prefer to look at Zara for both. Now, let's get to shopping!


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