Monday, August 20, 2012


What other way to spend a Saturday than at Bal Harbor Shops. My mom, grandmother, and I decided to have a "girls day" and spend it at none other than Bal Harbor. My mom had never visited the mall, little did she know the treat she was in for. I mean, what better tour guide than a fashion obsessed daughter? haha

I, of course, drooled at all new Fall collections as I made my way from store to store. Fashion inspiration at it's finest. Being a visual merchandiser, window displays and store designs also caught my eye. Here's what my Saturday looked like...

These were my mom's favorites, Valentino Black Leather Booties 
Shades of pink & purple at Tory Burch
Cameleon Handbag at Fendi
Window inspiration: Marc Jacobs
Men's button down shirts and sweaters at Carolina Herrera
Fall 2012 Collection at Dolce and Gabbana
There's something about black chandeliers that I love 
Spikes gone badass, thanks Mr. Louboutin
All hail Mcqueen at Saks Fifth Avenue
These WILL be mine!! Brian Atwood is never a dissapointment.


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