Friday, August 27, 2010

Essie 2010 Fall Collection

Since I'm a huge Essie fan, I decided to share with all of you their brand new Fall 2010 Collection. Essie is my go to nail polish brand; the colors are great and the bottle size is perfect. OPI has some great colors too, but I've always preferred Essie for some reason. The Fall collection has six seasonal colors that are subtle but rich in hue. From left to right: Limited Addiction (a dark red creme), Sew Psyched (a grey-green with a soft shimmer), Merino Cool (a purple grey) and Little Brown Dress (a deep coffee brown creme).

Also in the collection but not pictured is - In Stitches (a rose mauve) and Velvet Voyeur (a dark eggplant creme).


  1. Hi Andrea! How are you? I'm very much in love with the neutral colors right now. lol I had never of Essie, but these colors are also great for the fall! My favorite would have to be the Merino cool. :)


  2. Hey sweety <3
    I loove your Blog. Its very nice. I follow you now. Its nice too see you on my Blog and when you follow me back, omg, that was so fucking good :D

    Love, Ayse