Tuesday, August 24, 2010

STYLE MUSE: Leighton Meester

The Queen Bee of the Upper-Eastside is just as big of a fashionista as the character she plays on TV. Even off cameras Ms. Leighton Meester always but I mean ALWAYS looks fabulous. Living up to the epic Blair Waldorf is a tough job but Leighton surpasses it by a million in my opinion. Her personal style from day to day is casual yet chic; but when it comes to more formal looks she's a personal favorite. Her edgy get-ups with abstract prints or eye-catching details always land her spots on best dressed lists and magazines. Leighton is little by little becoming a style icon and I absolutely love it! - XOXO gossip girl (;


  1. I like her edgy style, it goes very well with her! I also like how she looks in the all black outfit. :)


  2. yeaahh the edgyness really works with her i love her she's so cutee!