Thursday, August 19, 2010

So done with summer

This summer Miami has been rediculously but I mean REDICULOUSLY HOT! It's one thing to have hot summer days but the scorching temperatures, humidity and random thunderstorms are really getting on my nerves. Thank god fall semester at school starts next week and that just brings two words to mind: fall fashion. Oh god, I just get the jitters even thinking about it; I look forward to it every year. There's just something about fall/winter clothes that just doesn't compare to shorts and tanks. Here's Kate Moss in the UK September issue of Vogue wearing leather, fur, animal print and black - all closet staples for this fall season. - XO andrea

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  1. I agree I'm so very ready for the fall/winter!! Great post by the way, I enjoyed it! :) Hope you can stop by blog sometime!