Monday, August 30, 2010

TREND: Denim Shirts

One of my very first blog posts was on the denim on denim trend we have been seeing for the past months which can go extremely wrong if you don't know how to pair pieces correctly. However, the classic denim shirt by itself is the perfect transitional piece to have in your closet. It can easily be used in any type of weather, either for layering or alone and looks great on both men and women. The great thing about the denim shirt is that you're not limited to how you wear it. Here are some styling tips to get creative with your shirt:
  • As we see in the above pictures, denim shirts work really well with black. Pair it with black trousers, jeans, shorts or a skirt. (complete coincidence btw)
  • Roll the sleeves, keep them down, short sleeves, long sleeves, tie a knot, unbuttoned, buttoned, half buttoned, tucked in, not tucked in; oh the possibilites!
  • For a night look, wear your denim shirt as a layering piece over a dress, or a skirt and shirt combo

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