Thursday, July 19, 2012


IT'S FINALLY HERE!! After all the RSVPing and outfit planning the one week that any fashionista in Miami looks forward to, Mercedez Benz Fashion Week aka Swim Week, is here! Of course, what better place to have Swim Week than hot and spicy Miami. This year is even more exciting for me because I will be part of press, yes press!! It is so exciting!

All events this year will take place at none other than The Raleigh Hotel in South Beach, with some other events going on at The W.

Along with MBFW there is also another fashion week happening in Miami, with its tent prompt up right next to The W Hotel, Funkshion Fashion Week! I was gifted all access passes to this, so much to do!

I will be keeping everyone posted with up-to-date pics & tweets, follow me:

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