Thursday, July 12, 2012


I've been meaning to do a "rainy day post", and after I got stuck in a five minute hurricane today, it was a sign. It's rainy season in Miami and how much does it suck when you wake up to think it's going to be a beautiful summer day, until you step outside. First thing on my mind? Rain boots! Except, I don't own a pair so my first go-to boots are my flowery Doc Martens. Yes, I own Doc Martens and I absolutely love them.

But, sometimes it's not that easy getting dressed for a rainy day when you are obligated to not stay in bed all day and go to work. So, here are my top favorite rainy weather essentials:

1. Burberyy Studded Boots: Studs & Boots?! Mine! with this stud craze going around, you can never go wrong with a pair of studded wellies, and I'm sure Caro from down the street will not have the same pair.

2. Furla Candy Bauletto Satchel: This has to be one of my favorite jelly handbags. Each time I walk by the Furla store in Merrick Park, they have a new collection of colors. Of course, there I go inside the store to try on all the million colors. Window shopping at its finest. Best thing about this cute bag? It can get wet! So, now that run from the mall to your car is so much easier with the bag over your head so that your blower doesn't get messed up.

3. Two - tone Sperry Topsiders: How can you live in Miami and not own a pair? This has to be one of the Miami staple shoes, and with so many color combinations the brand has can't go wrong with a pair in your closet.

4. Umbrella: Incase the bag-over-your-head is a little too risky, carry one of these in your car at all times. I found this one online and thought it was cool with the inside being of clear skies. Fun Fact: When I visited Japan about a year and a half ago, clear umbrellas is what people carried around. The real cool ones that kind of leave you inside of it cause they drop down so low. I thought it was cool.

I hope it clears up for the weekend....


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