Sunday, July 1, 2012


Yes, Summer is finally here. Our much anticipated Style Rack event finally took place this past weekend well, last weekend. We couldn't be any happier with the turnout. Let's recap a little...

Sweets everywhere. This was definitely not a dieters hangout.

Models getting ready for the mini fashion show.

So many cute accessories to shop from.

& not to mention delicious sorbet.

One of our favorite models/host Kat getting ready for the show.

We couldn't handle the sweets.

& in I go for a taste. YUM!

Some friends came by to support. They were definitely enjoying the free drinks. haha

Us :) Synthetic Candy

Some more friends enjoying the venue, good music & sweets!

Had to take a picture of this amazing collar.

Candy themed mini fashion show.

& we definitely got SWOOPed off our feet after this was over. 


- Naty & Andrea

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