Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Fashion is....well, fashion is what you make of it. Fashion to me is not only glamour and clothes and makeup. To me that is the commercial side of fashion. But fashion is also the inspiration that you find in everyday encounters that influence you to dress a certain way, or act a certain way. Which is part of the reason why Andrea and I started this blog. I find that fashion surrounds us everyday, especially living in Miami. Maybe the person next to you is not wearing the most recent trend or most expensive brand, but they are fashionable in their own unique way.

I recently purchased a new camera, and this weekend I took it out for a test run. Which then reminded me that I will probably have to take it with me everywhere I go because I caught myself going "damn, i should take a picture of that".

Here are some pics that I took, that well inspired me in one way or the other, and in someway made me think of fashion. (yes, i took that picture of Brickell/Downtown from my friends new balcony)

friends new chandelier
scarves are always such an easy accessory
makeup behind the scenes of a commercial shoot


piles of clothes

one of my new fav rings
sudden climate change on sunday afternoon

winding down with close friends

caught my mom having a good time with a good friend that flew in from out of town 

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