Thursday, March 1, 2012


1. Fluoro Satchel: Cambridge Satchel Co./Celine Tote: Celine 2. Left to Right- Assad Mounser Shiprock Bracelet: bracelet: Dannijo.Deluxe/Girlfriend Beadwrap Bracelet: Henri Bendel/Vintage Ribbon Tennis Bracelet : 3. Neon Sole Oxford: Jill Sander/Alima Patent leather Pumps: Brian Atwood 4. Kinsley Necklace: Dannijo

I had to....i just had to. This has to be one of my favorite trends for this upcoming Spring season, cause you did know that we're not officially in spring yet, right? I on the on the otherhand, love accessories and when I mean love, I mean obsess. Really, it can be anything from your nail polish, to a ring, to a statement necklace..cough cough obsessing over all Dannijo necklaces at the moment.

My inspiration??? The Fluoro Cambridge Satchel. I had seen it in a couple magazines, blogs, and some fashionistas roaming the streets of Miami. Except, I couldn't figure out who the hell made the neon, so bold! I had to figure it out. Until a couple of my close girlfriends and I decided to have a spontaneous trip down to Key West one weekend,(those are always fun) and ta-dah!!! There it was in its bold neon green beauty, one of my friends had bought one,instantly the questions started pouring out of my mouth along with the OMGs, screams and  the 'Can I steal it??'. But no, I didn't steal it..instead I promised myself I'd get my hands on one ASAP. (who knows when that'll be since I do come from a Latin background) To this day, I still can't decide what color to get since it comes in four amazing neon colors.

Maybe that's why I haven't gotten my hands on it yet......



  1. NEON is my favorite right now, too!!!

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    mia from HEYLILAHEY