Wednesday, March 21, 2012


it's taken so long for us to post this week but between both our busy schedules and weekend preparations, things have gotten a little bit crazy. Here it goes...

Last week was Funkshion Fashion Week, which mostly took place in the  middle of fashion and art...Wynwood Art District. I got introduced to Funkshion Fashion Week once I was attending Miami International University of Art & Design aka Ai in Downtown Miami. I used to sign up to help out dress all the different models for all the runway shows and I always had a blast. When Andrea and I scored some Press passes, we flipped! I was able to attend all events last Thursday- Friday but Andrea could only attend Thursday nights events due to work. It's okay though. I still got some really good shots of some of the shows. Each bathing suit line was unique in its own way and If i had to pick a favorite, I don't think I would be able to. It's funny how much you learn going to these types of events.... I hope you guys enjoy :)

Night #1

Night #1, my good friend went with me to pick up our press passes. Small private event at a local restaurant in Miami Beach. We are obviously rocking our super cool press passes.
Night #2
the moore building, Wynwood, Miami

met these guys, super cool peeps! they re-invent vintage pieces. How awesome are these outfits?!

stylish older man

James Tahhan from Levantate TV on Telemundo was a special guest in one of the shows

Night #3

candy bar!
Bathingsuits by WET Couture Swimwear

Designer/Owner of Wet Couture

I was able to go backstage and meet Angelina, Owner/Designer of the line

a view from the top

combats boots are not only for war

hey, they have style too!
inside my candy bag, yum.

for those of you "sneaker heads"
stylish at a young age, had to take a picture of this little boy
art school friends

friends enjoying the event
i was having a good time
You know what's funny? Out of all three nights, Andrea and I didn't take not one picture, but we did find some in our Instagrams. They'll be up soon :)



  1. These are amazing pictures! I got press access too, but I was only able to go to the media event at Bolivar and 2 of the shows on Friday. My best pictures are from Haiti a la Mode. I wrote about it on my blog too: I wish I could've run into you guys! Maybe next time :)