Monday, April 2, 2012


YEP! It's been exactly one month since we launched our blog. We couldn't be happier and more excited with all the feedback we've gotten. Thank you to all that have had the chance to read our blog, or even just glance at our pictures. XOXO

But, with that being said.....I'm gunna make this post a little longer. i have so much to share with everyone! I know I know we've been on a little hiatus, but we're back in full effect!!

First off, last week was the GRAND OPENING of new jewelry store in Dadeland Mall named 'Misaki'. You're probably wondering what the brand is. Misaki was actually founded in 1987 but ever since 2003 has been expanding worldwide. The company is based out of Monte Carlo, Italy. If anyone has had the chance to pass by the store, from the moment you spot it out, it's gorgeous! The design of the store is something very unique that catches the eye of any shopper passing by. Once inside the store, the jewelry is displayed in such unique ways. They have all types of pieces. Wait, i forgot to mention how it is a pearl jewelry company. They have anything from simple everyday pieces like pearl studs to extravagant necklaces, rings and bracelets. I personally love one of their newest collections that consists of skulls, diamonds, and pearls. Sounds tacky? It's not. Since skulls are so "in" right now, I think some of the pieces from the collection many Miami girls will want to wear. The prices are reasonable and range from all types of different prices. Incase you haven't been able to stop by the store, or gone to Dadeland Mall in a while. Please do so. For now, here are a couple snapshots I got while I was there. Enjoy!

these are great to add to any arm party
statement piece
one of my fav, they look so cute put together
skulls + pearls never looked so good

these girls rock Misaki

never enough rings
Apart from my visit at Misaki, which I will definitely be back shortly. I was gifted this necklace over the weekend. It's made out of different colored t-shirts. Along with all the t-shirt pieces taht are cut and tied together, some ary with pieces of different colored chains, etc. A really good friend of the family, Patricia de la Torre, is the creator of these amazing pieces. They are so affordable and found on Etsy. Patricia is actually the Editor in Chief of a magazine back home in Puerto Rico named CARAS. As a side hobby she started making these necklaces and selling them. I love what she's done with t-shirts. It is a such a laid-back piece that is also very affordable. I decided to get one with bright colors, but there are so many color combinations that I didn't know which one to choose.

Here are some of my favorite ones, you can find them here:

Did you know that Forever21 is opening a flagship store on Lincoln Road?! yup, it is! Right on Lincoln and rumor has it, it's going to be sometime in May! I'll keep my fellow shopaholics updated with specific dates asap. 


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